Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Voices and Choices

Trading as a Business

Choose a voice of value.

That is, assuming you want some help navigating the shark infested waters of the markets.


Trading is a business, and done properly, offers tremendous opportunity for individual creative expression.

It is also a capitalist’s dream; we get paid for our expertise.


No political endorsements, just sayin’.

Socialism sucks.


We have developed an entitlement society, one where people expect our culture to reward laziness and freebies.

Higher education is one path to earning a living. It also has a pretty hefty price tag, with no guarantee of employment.

It also seems lately that your gains for those efforts may be confiscated and re-distributed to the masses.


This is a recent request I received, and I bring it up to share it with you as a friend, not as an adversary.

@eminiwizard What is ur buying point on ES mini?

(“Please, tell me where to buy.”)

Jesse Livermore described that scenario quite well, didn’t he?

When we go down that road of responsibility, doesn’t that also carry with it the burden of “Where do I get out?”


If the voice for a trade doesn’t come from inside you head, you wont believe it, trust me.

Remember the lesson about $100 blowing away.

Fretting about that, we miss the other $100 still lying on the ground.


I have core ideas that are the backbone of my thinking, and these are the foundations that come first, before even thinking about making “calls“.

Teaching traders to trust themselves and their intuition is one of them.

Remembering Lord of the Flies

Time for me to have a little talk with the grandchildren I think …

Lord of the Flies

Any thoughts about what I should say to them?

(Note, this picture has nothing to do with the blog title. Well, maybe…)

When and if you listen to anyone, choose voices of value. It will make a difference in your bottom line.






@SE1_Trading @vader7x @kloutt thanks all for posts on #EMWS today


Today’s trades we wanted to see MATD, and read the descending triangle right. We were very cautious about another day like Friday, it seemed unlikely. Cautious about a slingshot move.

The late day reversal came on higher highs, and we were looking for evidence of shorts trapped before playing that side. Aggressive buyers support was guessed at the db with stop at 15. The sub 1000 tic push gave a good signal.

Sharp rallies are characteristic of corrections.

I am not thinking the bulls are out of the woods yet, but they did defend their turf as needed today.


Thanks General for sharing your chart. We counted three retest failures at the time you mentioned it. (unless you’re talking politics… lol lots more then.)

@eminiwizard: RT @kloutt: #EMWS 4hr chart ES…..a look at breaks or it holds /ty nicely done #EMWS

Thanks also to the big man with kloutt. Great chart.


Looking for some clout from the Cards tonight, or Giant headache here. MIA the last two games.


SE1-Trading : @eminiwizard Hi E. Even if you don’t write it, I know that you appreciate it :-) On the contrary, thank you for your insight, as always.

@SE1_Trading traders like you who say “thanks” are a rare breed indeed. Shows your class. :) #EMWS


Just when I think no one cares anymore, someone like Malte shows up.

Love it when that happens.


@Vader7x: @eminiwizard 1460 to1416 in few days.. seems like overshoot both ways

Agreed. Too much of a good thing isn’t good.

Like giving away money.


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