Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



Trading as a Business

Do you accept that  the whole is greater than the sum of the parts?


A tail of two whales…

A whale recently challenged my credentials. He sees me as an outsider, not an insider to wall street, and he is correct.

His filter sees that as a negative, when in fact I see it as a positive.

Sit on the sidelines and watch great performers. In sports, in the arts, in entertainment.

After awhile, you will become more knowledgeable about the game.

“You don’t offer anything unique.”


Oh really? (Misfithab has already debunked that idea.)

How do you know? Have you seen my proprietary spread sheets? My unique set of jurors, that sees the emotions of the market players from different perspectives? My playbook of patterns? The cookie cutters of the business? Understanding the psychology of Zeek’s criminal Handbook? My right brain as well as my left brain?


Trying to help others is not as easy as I thought it would be.


I no longer have a need to convince these or any other traders whether or not this system works.

Their bias will not allow them to see beyond their blind spot.


@Bama: Eminiwizard,Value week after week.

I have learned to focus on the positives in my life, I hope you will as well.


Although I have an M.S. in Education, I have no pedigree in the markets. Perhaps 20+ years of study and analysis qualifies me a bit more than a newbie, but I am human and subject to my own blind spots as a trader. Street smarts allows disciplined traders the opporunity to compete with an edge on a level playing field like the markets with those sporting P.H.D.s.

“I am not an expert, or guru” I repeatedly tell the tribe.

Zeek: Yes you are.

Thank you Zeek, for your continued support and belief in the system.


I remain a humble student of Angels and Demons.


The world is full of snake oil salesmen. We have every right to be skeptical.

My measuring stick remains the same: “Can I trust you?”


Since June of 2009, I have tried to provide quality market education for free, for anyone who wanted to listen.

I have kept my promise.

Study the archives.


On my knees one day, with tears of frustration in my eyes, I asked a higher power to help me understand the markets better. “Show me and I will share it to help others who need help” I pleaded.

Within minutes a flash of insight came into my mind. It took me another year of study to begin to understand the significance of what had been planted as seeds in my mind that day.

That was the beginning of the Emini wizard system.

Combining those insights with those of the Giants,  I have created a methodology that is larger than myself.

Whether the vix is at 15 or 90, this system works.

The algorithms strip the emotions out of the process, allowing us to see structure with X-ray vision.

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