Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

X’s and O’s


Chart Patterns


Long or short today?

Who knows really.

[08:54]  E: if going long

[08:55]  E: traders have not hesitated to front run


Educated guessing is all we can do.

We guessed better front run long side prior to the open, entry in 52/53 range.


[08:04]  E: so buyers are in already if agg

[08:04]  E: for long side

[08:04]  E: not for home run

[08:04]  E: but for bounce

Play the odds, and accept the results.

Stay humble, and dont think we are anything more than lucky when we get it right. That is my attitude.


Odds are actually terrible from the perspective of the potential games that can be played, but if we assumed MATD (we did), then the half gap play was logical. More was hoped for, the gap play. Beyond that was juice, and who cares, already got the day made with the primary on our side.

Then the 60.5 test, and away we went. Trailers for the 66 target.

In an any day high day, we chose to recommend traders with holdovers be scaling out 68 area and get flat by 69.75.

We said it would be challenging to reverse the momentum, be prepared to patiently manage fighting the surge.

We had shorts expect the IB high retest and then if got into the xx target at 63.75 be happy.

Re entry longs were advised to try for the 68/69 demon area, and then go flat.

Rhythm and risk reward are important in this business.


Janelle was off to the dogs and beer festivities, we told her to leave her books home and have fun.

Happy Birthday to daughter Jen, and get the fire extinguisher for all those candles.



The base chart is sometimes deceiving. Once above the blue line, then it can be off to the races. Back up level was on the money.

[08:02] E: 10 and 60 for now trying to hold

No doubt they were helpful today to old timers like me, not the profilers.

Just so you know, not trying to convert you. Just feeding my mind day after day and helping our traders improve step by step.

Angels and Demons help when the market goes into range.


Playing the game of X’s and O’s really helps.

Don’t be  a one way thinker is my advice.




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Thanks all for posts on #EMWS today.


Oh, one by one, could we turn it around
Baby carry on just a little bit longer
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