Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

A Simple Plan for the Criminally Insane


Don’t shoot the messenger.

Have you noticed a pattern of gap and squeeze?


I try to analyze markets, just like most other traders.

Sometimes we get it right, sometimes wrong.

More often, we do a little of both.


When I post a few ideas, it usually to showcase The Emini wizard System.

It is not to be boastful.

Apologies to any who think so, it is not my intent.


One of our long time members shared this post, and it is well said.

Maven helped us tweak our system, still using it.

Teamwork matters.

Life is a ladder; we can choose to help push and pull each other along, or we can get in each other’s way.

Always our choice.


Humility goes a long way in this world.

“Keep your mouth shut and let your bat do the talking”-Pop

My mouth is my bat, sorry about that.


Kloutt: @eminiwizard no way u buy 3k in the NQ unless ur insane #EMWS


I understand the frustration that shorts have; I also believe that we have been on overdrive and need a pullback.

Still, there is that pesky little pink and blue line that says “not yet“.


We earn the right to try a contra if we have profits from the long side we are willing to risk.

Mr Pareto told us capture all but last piece by 42; above it was gravy.

The gravy kept flowing today, so next: 48.5 Target is resistance until broken.

Simplicity itself.

Most traders won’t learn my system.

Day after day, they disbelieve, just as they have disbelieved the power of trend trading.

Figuring this stuff out on your own costs you time and money.

Not much logic in that approach, but I understand the something for nothing mentality.

If its working for you, keep doing it.


Let’s make this about you, not me.

What was YOUR idea today?

Long? Short? Do nothing?

Contact if you have any interest in a knock your socks off opportunity to learn how to see the things we see and get The Professional Edge.

Just put the keyword The professional Edge in the subject line.

“Wees gonna make u an offa u cant refuze.”

If you are serious about moving from wannabe to realizing your unlimited potential, grab this chance like you did the 26 support this morning.

If not, no worries.

You can always get free advice from the worriers and those who think these are “dangerous markets”. (Remember the trader who said that maybe  100 points ago?)















When we enter the ring with Big Mike, we need a plan.

I’ve got one, and you can have it too.

As Mike would say, “lend me your ear”…


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