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This post is about self love.

I am telling you that so we are clear: no hidden meanings and symbolism that I often weave into my stories, posts, and blogs.

We will often miss important clues because of information overload and the pace at which we skim the bombarding of our senses.


I am not just referring to trading, but to life in general.


Self love is not conceit, but a humble appreciation for the gift of life and the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

Step by step, little by little.

If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot truly love another.


We will also likely overcompensate with Ego problems and false bravado.

“Confidence, tempered with humility.”


Music is a part of my life. My generation is not better than anyone else’s, just like my trading system.

It’s just my experience and what I relate to.

I share it with you, as a gift of insight to things that I enjoy.

Most often there is meaning in what I choose: It relates to a theme I believe will be relevant.

Here is an example:


“Trust in God and believe in yourself.”- Norman Vincent Peale


Follow the leader NQ  why don’t u believe me? (really)  #EMWS

7:02:38 am E: 95.75 support til broken #EMWS gap players also say yeehaa (first time back testing support.. expected it to hold)

Crude but effective  don’t say you don’t remember (really)  #EMWS

A few days ago I said 02 likely support.

Knowing or “no” ing the numbers and patterns  over the rainbow  #EMWS

If  happy little bluebirds can fly over the rainbow,

why oh why can’t I? 

Angels and Demons  The Angels listened in…  #EMWS A real Maestro..

Yesterday’s Angel still intact and flying high.

60 chart  Time to get mello…  #EMWS

trend sequence traders say yeehaa… #EMWS one summer night…  “Have a nice weekend all”

rth  globex  Find the rhythm..Hold me tight..Just do it #EMWS Tonight 

Overnight squeezes orchestrated by the Boyz still the best game in town…






Congratulations to @HamzeiAnalytics for his recent #1 ranking on Timer Digest. I love his transparency; we always know what he is thinking and where his trades don’t work out.

Some traders will make a bold prediction, hoping for that low odds home run to use for self promotion.  Newbie traders are often the most gullible believing in Holy Grails. The reality is consistently hitting singles and doubles is far more impressive and doable.

A real pro doesn’t slink off the field after a trade call gets busted. He admits he was wrong; for whatever reason his analysis was incorrect. Those traders, like the General, get a lot more respect from me.

Their self worth is intact, win lose or draw.


Summer mode… sharing some ideas as best I can while spending time with family and friends. Half written a few days ago… then life happens.

“Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

Hold me tight… (shorts are being squeezed)

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