Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

ATM Machine

Money Management

Define your ATM Machine.


Here is the important  equation: ATM=YOR


Hopefully in a few minutes you and I will understand that idea better.


So who won today?

Let’s list a few ideas.


  • Two negative  days, and a travel range of 35 points
  • Lower low, lower high day.
  • First time below 1500 in ten days
  • Below the Red line on daily chart
  • Today’s gap never filled
  • whatever else your system says


  • What me worry?
  • 96 support held
  • 93.5 gap remains open, so squeeze can continue
  • 1500 psychology zone remains below us
  • whatever else your own system says

(The #EMWS has a number of key thoughts that would be added here in the Member room; adding significant insight into “the rhythm of the market”. The core ideas “combined” produce a powerful synergy.


I warned shorts not to get overconfident today. Charlie loves shorting new lows, especially if he missed yesterday’s plunge in the afternoon. My guess is he did. This results in poor risk reward trading.


Ninety-six was a big idea for us today.

The late day 95 minor low was a thing of beauty. True, there was no stopping volume, but I saw divergence in volume.

“Trailers are all on this new low, and expect a bounce.”

“when time and price align, take the trade, use a stop” #EMWS


On cue, the risk reward idea played out.

Profilers were all over some CLVN or something at 95.5; for me it was more common sense. Kudos anyways for your insights, and thanks to @eminiplayer, Bruce, and other pros like Vernamin and Tony @Tradersmarts who continually share their  ideas.

Today’s rhythm I doubted would give us a sell off late day.

That was due to my thinking of The Law of Alternation.

Bucket shop Boyz busted the significantly lower blue line easily.

Depending on how we played it, trend traders looked for one final scalp short side at the double top, targeting the 1499/1500 for the EOD swing.

Our Power Pivot at the end of the day was 1501, and the close there validated it.


RT @faaaal: you got to love this twitter crap // lol #EMWS so true

Guilty here.




fxseekin: if i showed up at sunrise fresh out of prison with a $2 gigolo, i still wouldn’t get any credit :-(

RT @fxseekin: …at sunrise fresh out of prison with a $2 gigolo, i still wouldn’t get any credit :-( / make it $3 and I meet u there #EMWS


This post not too bad though:  9:52:06 am E ok 96 support #EMWS

@GICfutures no melt up gap still open and half gap as resistance #EMWS (Half gap 1506.25)

So we know this part of the equation can be true:  dtop day t shorts advised cash out by 1500/99 #EMWS

going nowhere without NAS #EMWS

Nas a great tell for the contra today #EMWS


What matters most is that we are true to ourselves, constantly discovering our strengths, and our weaknesses.

Being profitable for 90% of the day, only to give it all back EOD is silly. Protect profit mode suggests we become more conservative as the day evolves.


Clues are always available for the mind that is prepared to receive them.


Finishing today’s puzzle…


If we want to have trading be an ATM machine, spitting out cash flow, I want to focus on this one thought:

All That Matters is Your Own Results.

If we want to be better traders, study the market, study ourselves.

Forget the chest thumping twitter posts.

If we say something that helps others, they may let us know.

Jediphone: @eminiwizard yw E – you are a steady hand on the tiller. Always great to read your thoughts. “May you live in interesting times.” #EMWS

“Thank You Jedi”


Find the consistently good traders, and study them.

Lots of them out there, I am going to learn from their experience as well as my own.


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