Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Buy bye Ms American Pie

Art of Trading

Flexible and aggressive traders are playing right now.

Conservative are on the sidelines shaking their heads, wondering what to do.


There are enough opinions out there with everyone wanting to run their own chat rooms and teach their system.

Why not, this is America.

Land of the free… in free markets? I don’t think so.


Manipulated. Feel good. Fill the coffers, tax the proles.


I toss the numbers out there, and have back up second and third zones… but usually step by step as the market ebbs and flows. We teach the ebb and flow, the sequence trading patterns that occur roughly 80% of the time.


No doubt great day for the shorts.

Puny David against Goliath.


A big thanks to Tradenperform.

$ES_F if you dont, you can buy one. Good guys out there. @eminiwizard, @eminiplayer, @vader7x, @tradersmarts @renatrader all good guys


Krazytoo: $ES_F Larger Rotational Top? #FT71 #EMWS

RT @krazytoo: $ES_F Larger Rotational Top? #FT71 #EMWS / nice work doug, doubtful

@krazytoo 4 more points and we will have symmetrical travel range with 2012 #EMWS  price and time extended for sure


After almost four years, time for a break, let the new blood do some teaching.

7:06 32 stop as posted yesterday has contained the overnight push so far
7:08 E: magnet at 24

RT @eminiwizard: off by 20 19.75 yest angel / #EMWS

I will be focusing on running a few courses for those who want to learn market structure and timing ideas.

Many ways to view the markets, and our system is flexible enough to meet most traders needs.

No hype, just solid principles of disciplined trading.





shorts still impotent… bulls need more viagra after 300 points from last november #EMWS $ES_F range trading plays out this a.m.

the day the music died..

And they were singin’…

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