Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Criminals R’ Us

Risk and Reward


Laugh often and a lot.


Its what gets us through the stress of our lives, whatever we choose to do.


It takes one to know one.

Referring to criminals of course.

Wife abusers, molesters, thieves.


Despite what you think, I have no big ego.

Someone said follow me, and I obliged. He is new to twitter, and has very few followers.

I then followed about a dozen other newbies who asked me a question or retweeted my posts.

I am not above conversing with anyone; be you slave or King.

Especially the ego driven with 15000 + followers who think my posts aren’t worthy of their attention.


RT @TraderFTW: @eminiwizard Why is this criminal? Correct Answer: Boyz stole your $ in low volume push #EMWS $ES_F


I am heartily laughing.

Just at life in general; not at anyone’s misfortune.

Certainly not at anyone who posts on my stream; I thank you daily as you know.

Think about it: I have even allowed spammers to post on my stream about their offerings, and not once have they said “Nice call E, or “thank you”.

Old school and proud of it.

Maybe just old, Lol.


The usual suspects had it right. Verniman and Eminiplayer, Renato and Bruce and Vader.

Many other pros too I am sure.

We go with order flow, and then when it’s time to take profits, get out of the way.


The 72 gap last night was a sign to me that the Boyz were going to ramp things today.

How high, anyone’s guess.

Mine was posted, and only traders with profits from the long side who were willing to risk some had earned the right to play a contra.


Sequence traders are a special breed. Fibonacci is part of it, but there is more.

That’s what we teach those few who want to be in the 15% that win consistently.


If your system says grab a point or two every day and that works for you… I applaud you. Trade big enough and that’s all we need. Go play.

If your system says risk ten to make ten, fine. Not my style, but that’s what makes horse races.

If you take the time to watch the videos, you will see my style…


I saw one trader ask Tony to be more specific identifying his trades.


Many of these great traders like @tradersmarts been doing this on Twitter for four years. We know who is worth following and who is not.

Traders unwilling to take a free trial and see?

Laughing again.


Call of the day goes to Mike; spot on with his timing and chart selection.

Exit at the 79.5/78 support credit goes to Jason with his -1000 tic idea.

Team E is small but capable.

I take credit for being humble and listening to my team’s opinion.

Trading is an individual sport, but teamwork helps.










Don’t try this at home.


Pre market

The Open

Lunch is for wimps


You decide if The Emini wizard System is worth it or not…


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