Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Duck, Duck, Goose

Risk and Reward

Listen with skepticism.

When everyone is shouting, it’s hard to hear our own truth.


I have noticed much more noise and emotionalism on twitter lately, so I am trying a few different methods to showcase the Emini wizard System.

Post less, focus more on my work.

Reach out to traders who have crossed my path before, but weren’t quite ready for this business.


For those of you who contacted and asked to see an example of our chat room in action, I thank you. The system is powerful as you can see, with high odds targets located in time and price.

Here is another one of the videos that was made live Thursday.

This system works for all markets, but we teach it through the emini sp.

For people who cannot or don’t want to be involved with the markets all day, we show how to maintain position ideas. Trade less, allow markets to develop more directionally with deeper trends.


The power of a manipulated squeeze cannot be under-estimated. Smoke and mirrors may be the name of the game, but real pain out there for traders who were short at the end of December if they didn’t cut their losses. Guessing where goosed markets will end is anyone’s guess.

At this level, time for some soul searching for both sides.

I believe the failure of most traders is related to lack of knowledge, capital, emotional control, discipline, and patience. It takes time to learn method, and even more time to learn how to apply and execute the trades or investments.


Mostly, remembering to duck when playing dodge ball and that sucker is coming hard straight for our head.


A real estate buyer tracked me down yesterday. He wasn’t ready a year ago; he needed more time to “season”. He needed to clear up some debt, improve his credit, and acquire a bit more capital.

Now he has a pre-approval, and is ready to take advantage of the market for his family’s long term happiness and stability.

I asked him why he came back to me, with so many other Real Estate Brokers to choose from.

“I trust you” was his response.

Years ago I helped his mom buy multiple income-producing property, and he has seen how that has improved the quality of her life.


The markets will always be available, and when you are ready, let me know how I can help you with your trading.

There is fierce competition by gurus of all kinds these days; some real, some lip synching.

If your guru can show you in hind sight why a trade was a good idea, be impressed.

If he can show you live, in advance where logical support and resistance is, then that student of the market may also be able to take your game to the next level.


Consistency is important. We look for cookie cutters; repeatable patterns and ideas, so we can survive the learning curve. Only then do we suggest traders become more aggressive looking for opportunity in the market.

While we prefer a conservative approach to the markets, we offer opportunity for aggressive traders as well.


Friday’s primary battle was testing the 1500 level, as anyone would be likely to guess. We wanted the 99.5 as a resistance target, and near enough for government work.

Hit and run traders who focused on flexibility and range trading the 92 gap and 90.25 magnet support had a field day.


Life’s just a game…

These are the days…

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