Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Elephant Steps


Climb the wall of worry.

With Alfed E. Neuman as our guide, no worries.


Fighters of the assault on all-time highs have not done very well, but I assume you have noticed.


Before you think I am an arrogant long, fuggedaboutit.

20+ years analyzing markets, I still consider my self a student of the market.

We focus on the emini sp to teach mechanics and principles, but the method works on stocks, etf’s etc.

Appl? When I saw traders say buy 580 and forget it… I said to team E: if you must buy appl, wait until the gap at 425 closes.


Common sense.


I am wondering why human nature wants a fair game, not this manipulated market.

Seems like Traders would be happy to think like a bot and make money in their 401k and cash flow accounts.

Not so judging by the posts on what’s left of the twitter stream.

Emotional angst.







Step by  step, following the footprints of the elephants. Keep looking over our shoulder and make sure they are right behind us if playing.

They plod along at a slow pace, but usually get where they want to go.

Sluggish, inchworm  move, then squeeze higher can be seen in this video..


Theta burn was possible, and we had neutral bias today, with the idea we could test Friday’s high and squeeze higher.

Ten point range I consider as small, considering the 65 point day we had a year ago.

39.5 support for longs today premarket.


Dont confuse brains with a bull market.

Appl the least of my interests… gap area filled and the channel intact.


Google, Nq, xlf, transports all being watched. Dow is too easy to manipulate.


Grind higher continues… then we will get another 40 point drop day… normal stuff like that running through my tiny brain.




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