Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Eye Balls


Don’t be stubborn.

Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.

There are Alligators lurking everywhere lately.


I want to know where their eyeballs are, and assume their jaws are just below it.


Congratulations to both Louisville and Michigan…warriors extraordinaire…

Out of 64 teams, in the end, both of you are clearly the best of the best!


Respecting our opponent is essential, in any walk of life.

I respect the collective wisdom of the market, and hope that I understand I am not smarter than groupthink.


I just need to be a little bit faster to take profits, a little bit slower to join the party

…and smart enough to get out of the way when I have no clue, which is often.


The Professional Edge showcases tools and products I am making available to interested traders and investors.

I realize there are those who have watched me for four years and still don’t believe your eyeballs. Stubborn.

MARKETwizardz will provide you with tools and strategies that will make you a better trader, but you need to do the work and make it your own.

I assume you believe in the capitalist way of living.

You will get a lot more than you expect, that I can guarantee you.

Products are being developed for those who are chasing performance. If you’re not on the leader board, check it out.


Those who believe in the random walk theory have been sold a bill of goods. They are forever doomed to be in search of the Holy Grail of guessing. Markets have a structure, a code that can be deciphered.

When we know the DNA of the market, we have a huge edge over casual observers.


Whether you think you can, or can’t, you are right.


Our plan was simple. Too high to buy, so sidelines or fade for the half gap and gap. Search for support, realign with the trend, MATD style.

Buy 55/56 and hope for the best, and scale out at the double top 61.25. Buy the blue line  for the db, hold trailers for testing the 63.75, and possibly 68.5 to 69.75 as primary targets.

Use  68 to 70.25 as resistance target, fade it for profit taking after 2:30/ 3 pm.


Years ago I said this: “You may be a better trader than me, but you will not out-study me”.

I continue to advance my thinking daily; all I need is to gain one little insight each day, and apply it.

Today was no exception to that commitment.

“March 9 2007 historic low … and today we just happen to be a wee bit higher … #EMWS $ES_F    ”


I share as best I can in the spirit of teamwork, and appreciate all of you who do the same.

E: winners help each other… teamwork is the key to enjoying the journey … thanks all for your posts on #EMWS $ES_F



Recently snapping this photo of an alligator, I was a loser that day. We came in second in the member-guest golf tourney out of a field of 32 teams.

It was a four ball, and best ball two out of the four. Along with another guest, we made some lucky putts, hit some great drives, left a few too close to the alligator to even bother with.

I won a free round in a raffle, and we got pro shop credit for our win.

Thinking we will get invited back again next year by the members. That’s only the third round of golf I played this year.

A month ago we had the two day member guest… bridesmaid there too with a second place finish.


Winning is nice… but competing and playing well is more important.

We can earn a nice living in trading if we come in second or third or whatever.

Find one good trade and carve a piece out of it.


A few twitter posts…

The Professional Edge … text charts video YTV #EMWS $ES_F

7:52 a.m. E: target 69.75 today // trailers now after 67 #EMWS $ES_F

68.5 is T2 achieved and any day high 69.5 to 70.25 showed up as possible resistance target so best i can do right here #EMWS $ES_F

@verniman ty we advised day traders to capture by 69.5 not worth giving back a lot after this run #EMWS

today we wanted out ahead of the test for the overnight high and $taking … all about risk and reward #EMWS $ES_F





Farewell to Annette, and to the days of our youth and glory…

…may they still be ahead of us.

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