Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Flexible Trading

Entries and Exits

Stay alert.

Being flexible in our thinking is in our best interest.


“Markets turn on a dime, most traders can’t, that’s why they lose.”- Jeff Cooper

Those looking to make a Fortune in the market are more likely to lose one first.


Analysis for the Houdini move is best reviewed through today’s video’s.

Thanks Gene for your kind comment.

@Tradertime99 : @eminiwizard thank you E,these videos are a goldmine


Most traders are too busy re-inventing the wheel to take the time to see the gold that comes from years of mining and sifting the market.

Many times we find fool’s gold; perhaps that’s all my ramblings are.

You will have to decide for yourself.


For those who think all we have to do is play position and not play smaller ranges, I accept your thesis for you.

I prefer to find opportunity every day, and try to take something out of it when I can.

Life seems to be best lived that way; live in the present moment;  not yesterday or tomorrow.

Search for support fell all the way to the 95 zone, and the power of the reversal move was made possible by squeezing Charlie into the close.


Defense wins.

Flex E Bull thinkers will also win, rather than remain married to an idea whose premise is visibly being challenged.

“We have the right, and obligation, to interpret new information as it becomes available.” – E


Face the reality of the ever-changing market dynamics by constantly re-evaluating the swings and momentum shifts. Denial only hurts us if we ignore who’s got the ball and how hard they are running with it. Niners showed us that last Sunday, and it is a great metaphor for traders.


When you’re Blue…


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