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Watching price in the cheap seats premarket, there was only one thing to say:

E:@eminiwizard :while longs rah rah about yeah baby 1573 by thursday, why not make money short today at this gift high? common sense … #EMWS $ES_F


As usual I had a whole lot more to say.

You may have a gazillion followers and ignore me, and most do.

No ego, so no worries here.

Ignoring the Emini wizard system, however, is a mistake; my algorithms are unemotional.

The puzzle is incomplete without knowing some of the important pieces I have discovered.


The Wall Street Sweeper move overnight knocked out short stops and sucked in the longs on the pullback. I thought the gap at 39 was possible, but didn’t believe it would be easy. Take profits anywhere near it was my advice. Ditto for the second rotation for the Angel test at 41.25.


Most days there are a few smart traders who gather at the waterin’ hole and compare notes.

They are savvy, other than giving away all our key ideas.

That’s really falling off the turnip truck.

Team players are like that; understanding that the herd will leave clues about it’s stampede. Enough meat to go around for everyone.


For me, today’s rhythm was predicated on this simple observation:

E: @eminiwizard double gap up no edge buying that pre market high #EMWS $ES_F


We focused on the details, and we had the swings right today, including the lunch contra and the afternoon pullback.

There is an order, a structure to markets; it is like a skeleton that frames our body.

That framework is The Secret Code.


When you are ready to learn it, join us. You will have the tools to give you X-Ray vision into the swings. Added to what you already know, it just might be the difference between being a successful trader and a wannabe.

Super Star Anthony teaches that not all trades are created equal; some are worthy of higher confidence by their risk/reward considerations.

I agree.

Traders who committed to today’s sell-off and pressed their bets had a field day.


Strength and Honor.









Free throws from here…

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