Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Gilligan’s Island


Skippers George and E  are apparently in total control of the trade winds.


Skippers G and E


We would love to have smooth sailing all the time, but now and then we have to make a few adjustments to navigate treacherous waters…

With thin Holiday trading this past week, markets continued to retest higher ground.


Skippers 2

Some big players prefer to “manage by size” assuming they are playing in a small pond. That strategy is often  disastrous for smaller accounts.  If it’s discovered we are really in  a big pond we need to have an uncle point and accept a stop out without hesitation.


Running Free


We just never know where the laws of chance will take us…


In about five minutes,a reasonable  plan was put together after Friday’s  NFP.  Although I was headed out to play on the beach at Norton’s Point in Martha’s Vineyard, it seemed we had a reasonable range predicted of 31 resistance and 08 to 11 as support.

This was the last known location I remembered from late day Wednesday when the market  ran stops on the shorts.

Team E had a good day if they hit bounces looking for that support zone as I suggested. Anyone who then played long for the EOD run had the wind at their back.

Sails were more recently set from South Carolina at 1593.75.


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