Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Art of Trading

Manipulation continues.

Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.


Bots have changed the business; the concept of too high is meaningless to a machine.

Rational, thinking traders are appalled at 3000 K NQ.

Smart traders say “who cares” as long as its moving and I get a piece of the action.


Imagine this.. One contract, maybe two. We’ll use one for the example.

Seed capital: Short 45.5 for 44 test (+1.5)

42 support. Long 43 for 46.5 (+3.5)

Long 45 angel for  48 Gap. (+3)

Long 46.5 for 51.5 test. Breakout, move stop up and trail it for 54. Go flat (+7.5)

Take a walk. Looks like profit taking move lunch contra. 57.25 target has been hit with 59.75 high and an extended range. Jump in at 56 and try for 53 or 52. (+3) risk two points.

trail 1 for 50 test if have it. Buy 49.5 for the 53 test (+3.5 just counting the trend buy)

Go flat and call it a day.

That is about 22 points in a seventeen point day.

Cut it in half. Say you only made 11 points.

11 x $50 = $550 for one contract trading.

Traders who have the idea of the big score miss opportunities like these every day.

“Sway” .. some traders have so much invested in being right about calling a top…they miss many opportunities singles and doubles #EMWS


Thanks to the traders who acknowledge my work, much appreciated.


I thought marginal high today would be good, so long side bias test new high, shoot for the 52 to 56.

A measured move came in at 57.25, same as the Pivotboss.

Higher than that? Sure possible, but I was wary. On the retracement move, I suggested be careful of getting past the 52/51.25, then used the angels and Demons to suggest test 48 support was likely.

48 support was called as ¬†look for bounce, possible test 56. Shorts have been fodder for the machine, that late swing was typical of shorts giving back most of their profits if they weren’t flexible.

Accumulating profits has been easier than trying to short the daylights out of this ferocious rally.


who’s counting? market has come within 6 points of the mark of the devil +1000 #EMWS if that ain’t heaven for a bull what is?

Kindergarten rules have us within spitting distance of the General’s 1684 + target.

I respect the traders like that who day in and day out are transparent and provide some insights into the movements of the market.










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When you are ready to learn how to trade like this, let me know. Stocks, ETF’s, futures; learn a skill that will allow you to consistently take profits out of the market.


Real Estate Investors may want to watch for the impact of the change in FHA regulations.

Real Estate needs to keep cranking for the economy to continue moving ahead. This change may impact prices a bit.


In a move that is following the line of least resistance that is up, it is hard to make the case for shorting every little wiggle.

Kudos in advance to the trader who gets the call for the top right. I will view it as a stopped clock trade, unless it’s your first call for the top.

My guess is watch repairmen have been busy.


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