Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Jack B. Nimble

Chart Patterns

Be aware.

Be aware of everything your mind can grasp.

Beware of what you can’t; it’s our blind spot.


There are many clues that experienced traders will pick up on; today there were a few that stood out for me.

No hesitating when we decide which side has another trapped… play it and accept stop outs if wrong. If you saw my posts, there was no waffling about what was happening.

A reminder, we don’t take every trade we see or call. Some are marginal, some happen during low odds times like lunch. We miss some, we are indecisive about some. We do try to find the sequence and then see if we can capture part of a swing that is underway.

If $200 was lying on the ground and $100 blew away, would you bend down and pick up the other $100?


The Professional Edge comes from seeing so many plays and patterns. Each is unique; but still similar, just like snowflakes and fingerprints.

I observed the footprint of the Big Boyz and did not waver with this thought…

keeping 60 as resistance rest of day… likely high is in … theta burn day agg resist 56 #EMWS

trapped longs hit bounce was our take #EMWS

When 59 Resistance broke the 54 aggressive support, targets became 51.75,   51.25, 49.25, 46.75 and XX. Time running out, so 1645.25 barrier for profit taking.

Conservative exits depending on trailers were the 52, 49.25 and 46.75.

One contract (unit) trading is harder as it always puts us in the all or nothing mode.


Splitting the difference and trying for 48.5 is a sensible target for 1 lot remaining exit.

@HamzeiAnalytics “Skill is hitting the ball close to the hole; luck is when it falls in” #EMWS


I don’t have all the answers, but I think I have some that will help you be a better trader, no matter how experienced you are.

If you are satisfied with your present system, no worries.


Thanks to all who participated in the #EMWS stream today.












Second day in a row we had Short side yeeha’s… what’s up with that?


Don’t wait for all the light to turn green before you leave the garage. Learn to adjust to the detours and potholes while out on the road.

I had no clue which side would break today, or if either would.

The weight of evidence was neutral: Longs way overdue for a pullback; shorts fighting momo. Blue line on the five was horizontal, saying no edge in  the middle.

Yesterday’s high held, the demon held, time for testing support.

“Be patient, but act swiftly when you find an edge.”


Nimble or conservative… there is always opportunity.

Contact for a great one.


Morning Review during News Trading.

Seeds are already being planted about support and resistance ideas for the day…


You probably didn’t take the time to watch this. Nah, nothing that would have helped you…

“We need to be quick, decisive, and need to use stops…”

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