Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Klepto Maniacs


Stolen range day.


Market used up today’s food stamps yesterday.

I keyed  off NQ.


Plan was to assume yesterday’s low as support, and range trade.

The details were posted…

The numbers may change, but the game doesn’t.

Criminal handbook page 45 said shorts needed to bring their game today for continuation.

My bet was that they wouldn’t.

Hit bounces, assume it is for range trading…

Play both sides today if you can be flexible.

If not, be patient and just play short side with 59.25 as resistance.

Likely that yesterday’s  IB low 57.25 to 59.25 is resistance today.


We read it right that trapped shorts would likely be squeezed into the close.


The late lunch thrust bar was the key, changing the dynamics for the afternoon bounce.

I had 51 support for retesting the Demon.


Yakkety Yak










Not as interesting as flashdance, but for nerds looking to learn something

Heavy lunch

Gap close possible


The path to success begins with hard work, focus, and commitment.

Experience is the journey…

…and results are the name of the game.

Don’t let anyone steal our dreams…

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