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E: most traders fall in love with longs at new highs and shorts at new lows 4 days / 50 points ago … now we love the long? #EMWS – Twitter 4.10.13


Not much to say.

This is not about me and my ego.

Mine is tiny, and I am keeping it that way.


Friday’s late day close was for beer money…

Top shelf  with all the trimmings today.

Today’s freefall was suspected by our savvy experienced trader Zeek who brought his best game.


I deferred to him, as I had time for study Saturday, then didn’t get much time to look at charts until after 8:30 this morning.

Relatives were in town, and we were entertaining. They live in Western Mass, but have spent much time in Boston. Heinous is all I can say.


I had good practice for today’s move at the water slides with the kids…


The slope was down, I advised caution based on Zeek’s intuition, and suggested we were testing for support.

Friday’s low was broken, so that was a logical conclusion.

Pay attention to resistance in a down trend…


The Emini wizard system has a number of moving parts, ranging from simple to complex.

Keep it simple.

Targets identified one by one, and every attempt at an Angel failed.


I took the troops to the beach for a few hours and missed the play from IB until around 1 EST.

One look and I gave my updated insight.


Our system allows us to find opportunity.


Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.

Markets turn  on a dime; most traders can’t, that’s why they lose.” – Jeff Cooper


I will answer Triple Seven in a day or so, catching my breath.

George and the twins are around, and taking a nap or two before they visit for a few days…


Congrats to traders like @Bamatrader for their ability to read the tape.

If you picked up the Golden anvil from him…

Pass it on to someone else.


Thank you Gene.

@eminiwizard when E tweets I listen

Thanks to all for posts on #EMWS today.. didn’t even get twitter on until after the open…






98% of the two or three people who listen to me probably didn’t believe my post.

9:05: Zeek S no longs for me today 63 is my target for this morning //Our posture: today a dangerous day to be thinking long #EMWS $ES_F

8:14: Zeek 63.25 is gap fill 9:10 E: 66.25/ and 60.5 t1 t 2 .. All short side targets achieved today, any day low possible #EMWS


@Bamatrader: lol – with a gold anvil on the head @eminiwizard: @BamaTrader we said one day the longs wake up seeing themselves as wiley coyote #EMWS


Today was that day.

You knew it was coming, I knew it was coming…

Zeek believed.


I love our team. Join us when you want the insights real time.

Day low after hours: 38.75 washout.


Today’s pre market video will be posted in the Member’s Section.

Afternoon YTV here.

Late Day here.

When you want to read the tape like this…get the system and learn it.


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