Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Loving it


Let’s face it.

The shorts fifteen minutes of fame worked a bit longer, but not by much.


Continually reading the market’s gyrations almost seems like a lesson in futility, doesn’t it?


We really have to love the market to continually subject ourselves to the illusive and abusive patterns we try and discover.


The overshoot to support held, and albeit for a small late day contra from yesterday’s high end demon resistance, the shorts fought the market all day long with little contra trades that were continually stopped out.

A sure sign we are going the wrong way is to keep setting new demons as the previous one gets beat.

“Be a lover of the market, not a fighter” – Ernie Roseman


Videos  today explain my thinking.

Happy Valentines’s Day… Be a Lover not a fighter of the market… YTV IB Bounce   #EMWS

Stop Out and Facing Reality

Squeeze continues



Private Video Lessons for Member’s Only.


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I am doubtful about the effectiveness of twitter these days…

Anthony, a real pro Worth a Look…

He has a limited following, and yet CNBC takes the time to interview him.

Clues are always there for us to read.


Shorts massacred on Valentine’s Day, the Angels win…


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