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Mini Madness


Equidistant risk at the open, so tough trade for conservative players.

I liked the Aggressive short right at the overnight high, manage it with 46 stop, conservatives back at the 48.5 resistance.


Range trade seemed a reasonable call, and smart traders like eminiplayer and ¬†Bruce at GIC futures were feeling the same thing I was. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

The market has been on steroids, and fading gap ups has not proved very successful over the long haul.

Island breakouts eventually get resolved, but not yet.


My advice was two way trading, avoid the middle. Shorts wont plunge today, longs ahead of themselves. Buy pullbacks 36/38 support behind 39.5 aggressive.

Rollover preparation done, and time for some r and r.


Thanks all for posts on #EMWS today.







Half gap

Choppy IB

Lunch Bounce

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