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No Fun Playing
Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Play it right, lots of fun.

Lots of time to play.


If we play it right, we have the luxury of choosing where, when, and if we take other trades.


Hindsight is easy … can you do it in real time? #EMWS news trading is unique … email admin for NFP video

(No, I am not going to sell your email address.)


Bruce at GIC Futures: @eminiwizard Only the best of the best ————-> #EMWS Just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@GICfutures thank u Bruce :) humbled … #EMWS


The Emini wizard system is not perfect, and neither am I.

At least we can all agree on something.

Teamwork helps.


always what ifs… need to weigh evidence and make hard decisions in this business  #EMWS no doubts right or wrong


Primary Target for the March contract was achieved Pre market. Once done, Look for possible new targets, step by step.


If you have taken the time to listen to some of my videos, (you probably haven’t), you will note several key ideas:

  • Risk management
  • Have fun and enjoy the business or move on
  • There are always opportunities
  • Listen to others but make our own decisions
  • Stay humble, be in it for the long haul
  • Consider the point of view from both sides
  • Trust our system, trust ourselves
  • Look at deeper charts for better perspective


The camaraderie that exists between team players outside of #EMWS cannot be taken for granted. I appreciate all who take the time to post their relevant posts, as well as their gifts of friendship.








Rock on.


Hindsight is easy…

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