Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

No Heroes

Art of Trading

Forget calling tops.

We will be wrong five times before being right once.


The Half gap 29.75 we had as support at the open, long side bias to squeeze traders.

The 24.5 retest held overnight, and 26+ triggered the assault today in above the blue line trading on all four cylinders.

Why fade early strength?

If we go with the flow, the MBO, then we ride the wave, looking for logical targets.

Gravy train was above the 36/38 for today, and our high odds second target T2 was 1541.

We chose to think 42 would be resistance today.

With profits from the long side, trend trades can at least finance the short scalps IF WE CHOOSE to play that way.

In honor of our fallen soldiers, the one finger salute was produced.  Timing and price helped this contra. Traders with profits willing to risk have better odds with this trade.

The range trade ensued after the Primary was done, and we thought back and fill likely in a narrow range.

I liked Eli’s post, I thought the 36/38 zone needed retesting.


Why Charlie likes buying 42 after passing yesterday at our 14 support I don’t know.

Human nature, just like calling tops.


The price of ignorance is a far higher price to pay than for our education in this demanding business.


Posts are there, videos too, nothing to prove to anyone. Skeptics and non-believers are those who can’t see it for themselves… so they assume no one else can read the tape.





@joshuademasi @GICfutures @fxseekin @BamaTrader @ESFXRobo   thanks all for posts on #EMWS today

Gap and Go

Market Structure

Guessing Tops … don’t try this at home kids…

Weak Hands are shaken out…


Manipulated markets usually end badly.

Taking it one day at a time.

Time to relax.

Why not be a hero to yourself?…

The hand is here to help you whenever you need it…


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