Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Pi a la mode

Art of Trading



On what?





There is always risk in the market.



“The graveyard of the stock market is littered with the bones of men who were right too early.” – Old -time wall street adage


Disciplined traders understand that, and play anyways.

So do emotional traders, but each with different results.


Fee fi fo  fum.

Oops. I meant Phi and Pi

We are obviously closer to a high than a low.

That being said, if you played today, did you take long or short side trades?


Where is your next target?

No control over if we get to it…

Where is support?

Prepared to take some risk?

If we don’t like our trade, we can always scratch it.

Take a loss, so what.

Are longs who played since “1438 support until broken” in danger?

Of what, becoming millionaires?


How about since last June?  The Blue line support on the daily?


Seems to me in a momo driven market, there is equal risk every day.


Flexible traders will be able to find the rhythm and chart patterns when we turn the corner…

Then short side yeehas again..


But not yet.


Option expiration games, then looking for clues.


Hedge with options, sit sidelines, and save powder for the better risk reward type trades instead of 7 point ranges.


Try to make a little something every day”.

A little pi first, then the a la mode.


There can be no doubt about the value of the Emini wizard System for anyone who has half a brain and has seen my posts day after day.

E: “Don’t confuse brains with a bull market” … they are unrelated #EMWS $ES_F


Just lucky I guess.

I say this with all humility; I am fortunate to have been given a gift of insight.

It has taken many years to understand it and even longer to apply it.


Time to restrain my posts, and remain humble on the sidelines.

You talk, I’ll listen.





The bigger your bankroll, the more our system will help you.

Contact when you find me and let us know of your needs.

All markets have structure, and I can show you how to add value to your clients.

Watch the videos, look at the comments I have made  on #EMWS, review my charts.

They are all there…preserved in the archives.

Labor intensive? yes.

A great teaching tool?

I think so, but that’s just me.

IB Range

Pattern completion


If we want to leave a legacy, we need to build it, even if they don’t come.


UFO sighted…

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