Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Power Outage


Defense wins ball games.

Bowl games too.


Without offense,  we cannot hope to win. Break even maybe.

So risk is inherently part of the games we play.

Rut-roh if you think you can really kiss her.

Better chance with this one, especially for us farmers.


You didn’t probably, but if you took the time to read the previous post, note how a significant idea doesn’t immediately go away.

Ninety six was defended Friday, but today shorts were given another opportunity. Returning to the scene of the crime was our hoped for play today.


Oops. Washout longs.


Anthony produces nice insights.

So does the Reformed Broker, although his style a lot more sarcastic towards retail.

If this is his reformed style, hard to imagine his previous life…

Stopped clock” trade may be a more polite way to put it…

Bill is always Gross, but his ideas are  worth my time.


Fighting for the last point usually gets us in trouble.

The Red Zone defense kicks in, and as in football, the last few yards are the hardest, especially if the Boyz put the move on us.

Note the retest idea.


The Art of the Deal: Wondering if I can claim bragging rights as a one time, long suffering Cleveland Brown fan?


Great comeback.

So was this, no power outage here.





@GICfutures @fxseekin @eminiplayer @midget_666 @OpenTrader @gorham11  thanks all for recent posts on #EMWS

Financial markets manipulation #SPY #EMWS

Jason.. unable to open this post, but thank you. Power outage I guess…


Congratulations to both teams, for one of the better games I can remember in a long time.

New spreadsheet added for all members, located here.

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