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The System

Opportunity knocks.


“Happy Father’s Day”… remembering Pop. Still miss him.

“Beat them at their best, that’s how you improve yourself.”-Pop


Celebrating four years of operation, The Emini wizard System includes not only the original work, but all the improvements we have made to it over four years of continued growth and study.

The algorithms provided are easy to understand and you will finally have the tools and Power that you have always wanted.

One month of tuition to the MARKETwizardz Trading room is included, a $200 value.

This is for all who want to be Power Hitters as a day, swing, or position trader for any asset class.


“Keep your mouth shut and let your bat do the talking.” – Pop

Sorry for the paradox; my posts are my bat.


Why us?

Synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Late December 2012


12.21 Tunnel Vision

12.21 30 globex

12.24.2012 Adapt or Die

12.27  Two min chart

5 rth Umbrella 12.28

12.30 Umbrella 15 globex

Chat 12.31

Chat 12.31

5 rth 12.31

Chat EOY

Knife 12.28

Angels and Demons 12.31

12.31 Alligator

Excerpt from an upcoming interview with Jeffrey Lin and his team at MarketHEIST.

What is the #1 problem you see among your students. Or, what are many traders incorrectly focused on?

Many are stuck in their own little world of provincialism. There are so many good systems and traders out there to learn from. Those who can overcome their bias to defend their own system and learn from other people’s experiences have the capability to make a quantum leap in their trading. One key element may be missing that is holding us back, like an emergency brake still engaged on our car as we drive down the street.


What I have shown you on twitter, for free, for the past four years is the tip of the iceberg.

Just one of my tools can be the missing piece that will dramatically and exponentially change your results and your life.


“Confidence, tempered with humility”- Coach Sylvia

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