Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Rain Dance

Art of Trading

Fade and pray.

Odds were better for the short, so take it.

…and Prey.

8:33:13 am E: above blue line
8:33:33 am E: needs reversing from 69 stop

The Emini wizard System is alive and well


The Professional edge… when you are ready to add to your arsenal of tools.

Understanding market structure is the key.

Ahhh… old school vs clvn and whatever. Neckline break was significant.

Momo south  side and a yeehaa day.

‘Bout time.


Premarket reading worthy of a look.

Our playbook has been opened to traders to help others see some of the things we see

8:42:45 am Jg 11: fade the double gap up, nice recognition this morning E

Video YTV

Pre market planning

Just trail it and hope to get lucky…


Zoner Long way home trade


Today, I was in the zone. The swings were fairly easy to read, and my mantra became hit bounces, it’s trend down.


I have tried to acknowledge other good traders and retweet their interesting posts.

When they treat me like I am undeserving of any response or respect, I lose my interest in promoting their work.

I am referring to those who NEVER respond, day after day.

Just like the market, I guess I have the Rodney Dangerfield complex.


Asta la vista baby.


I am humble to a point, but I have great confidence in my system.

One or two contracts played with us today and you could have bought the entire Emini wizard system.

More contracts or add ins and your week and month was made already.


Moving on, thanks to all those who do visit and interact on my stream and get some benefit out of my posts.

I like to focus on the positives, how about you?


The Rain was welcome today, and as momentum developed, new low targets were identified step by step.

The long way home trade played out today in spades.


Helping the team see the system in action with crude, gold, silver, NQ, TF.


I hope your system shined today… we were doing the rain dance , had the umbrellas out.







Takin’ it one day at a time…

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