Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Red Zone Trading


Play hard in the Red Zone.


Focusing on the goal lines gives us an edge.

If the Traders take it out, so be it.

That’s what stops are for.


I’ll keep holding on…


The morning post referred to the small range this week… only 13.5 points. That is ridiculously small, and makes trading difficult.

When you go to a restaurant or whatever, all those people with nervous tics you see are probably traders not knowing whether we are coming or going.


Step by Step, Target 1522 Achieved, and stalled for a few days.

Learn the secret code, follow the clues, develop the Touch.




We thought morning assault on the 1522, and later in the day for a profit taking pullback.

The 1522 held, just barely, but as the day wore on, the knife down  seemed to destroy the hopes of the bulls.

No decision by end of day, as keeping the beach ball under water once again proved to be a formidable idea.


I left the office by 1:30 for a run to the airport, so I missed the excitement. When I got back EOD, I could see the 19 held for the knife, but wac a mole style, the energizer bunny just wont quit.

8:22:13 am E: too much manipulation

8:22:26 am E: beach ball can get pushed under but will bounce


Videos to help show what we were thinking:

Opening and DT Test

Gap Closed

Break of  Ib Low and Angel Test

EOD Review


Thanks Jedi for a great post.

RT @Jediphone: RT @ResearchDigest: common… cognitive biases prevent US being rational: #FT71 #EMWS :) Jedi Master




RT @RenaTrader: @eminiwizard There is life beyond ES! Have a great long weekend. // <<<<——best thought of the day #EMWS

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Simply Red Zone Trading…

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