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Sell a Bration!



Then probably you played it short today, hoping today was THE day the market finally took a breather.

Small step, right direction.

Looooong time coming.


We guessed right at the RPG pattern, which we discussed this morning in skull session.

Preferring a regression trade, I made it clear I could be wrong, as every dip has been bought with a vengeance this year.

I like gifts.


We set up several magnets, and I felt the rhythm would be hit and run ahead of the FOMC meeting.

A few videos were posted today to share a few ideas about the unique methodology of The Emini wizard system. Please scroll while there to see the latest postings.

Notice I freely admit to not knowing where the market is going, but set up a plan anyways in hopes I am right, and a stop out for the times I guess wrong.


In baseball, the pitcher uses a setup. Maybe brush the batter back with an inside pitch on an 0-2 count, then throw a slider or sinker off the outside corner.

Trading is a lot like that; educated guessing.

Thanks to all those on twitter who have responded positively to the videos.

My wife helps out during market hours when I am busy; that’s what teamwork is all about.

We use streaming charts, audio, and text to teach the system live.


The ends were caught in a narrow range and in a cage while traders waited for FOMC.

We wanted to avoid that, so told traders cool it and take a long lunch.

The market rotated ever so slowly, until longs finally became unwound late in the day.

Primary target was 96.75 test, then 95.5 to 94.75.

Near enough for government work.

Zeek wanted 91 test, I said Bulls won’t give shorts the satisfaction. If we hit it, after hours not before.

Extreme fades are highlighted in yellow. Better to be overly prepared, rather than doing our homework after the news.


The Emini wizard System works on all vehicles, but I focus on teaching through the Emini sp. Hard enough understanding nuances about one market, let alone the personalities of many individual stocks.

Sterling Sill, in his classic work discusses the power of single-minded focus as one of the qualities for success in any endeavor.


Keep thine eye single.





Celebrate good times, c’mon!

Definitely Kool.



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