Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Simple Minded

Range Trading

Fade 97 buy 82.


Our system can be complex or simple.

I like simple.

Today we expected a quiet consolidation, after yesterday’s rabid dog day.

In the wake of a 40 point plunge, a fifteen point rotation seemed about right.


Remember a few weeks ago the churning 13.5 point range all week?


“Both sides will be frustrated today; longs want more than a DCB, and shorts have no right to expect any more than 82 Damage was done yesterday, and longs are showing no respect after  four years of bounce.”. Zeek’s 82 target was hit a day in advance.

We thought marginal high for the 97/98.


The Primary rule for us today was hit bounces, assume they stay inside the first fighting zone. Outliers come next. Shorts will likely be against the ID trend, but MATD so hit it and then don’t be greedy.

Keep trading to simple concepts and it’s easier; make it complicated and  our mind will only get confused.


We pay attention to little things like higher highs and higher lows; and proprietary math ideas, not just fibos.

Still watching NQ.


A few videos, made real time, not hindsight.

“Let it come to you” YTV  #EMWS MATD half gap and gap best trades in the book

Still Bouncing

Longs Done

EOD wrap up


KH always on our reading list.




@sellputs @hyper_critical @walidsassia @stevenplace  thanks for posts on #EMWS today

@SE1_Trading just favorited your tweet: Plan: “Can Play both sides today, but both sides will expect too much ; play range, adjust bias during lunch” #EMWS


 Keeping it simple and forgetting all the jawboning out there.

This killer machine is as simple as it gets.

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