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Stain Stick

Stain Stick


One of my more recent unpleasant experiences was when someone asked me to stop posting after the fact in hind sight.

My response was pattern recognition is one of the things I try to do as a trader. One look at his credentials and his mind set was obvious…


Friday 8/4

Twitter 3:43  We had high odds back end resist 86 , and prior to that  82 as a key  #EMWS

Twitter 3:53  we dont need risk exposure all day long. I dont anyways, especially late friday #EMWS  87 is 40% bounce hi /lo this swing



After four years of posting on twitter, True friend Renato was the only one to get involved and voice his opinion.

What an eye-opener that was.



I am a clod. I often spill food on my placemat while eating. Not as bad as a two year old, but man style anyways.

My wife has (repeatedly) taught me to dilute it with cold water immediately. Don’t let the stain set in. She keeps my personal Stain Stick nearby, and I quickly soak it quite liberally.

Usually works with a bit of effort, but good as new. Almost.


My wife is the bright one who has taught me “If $200 were lying on the ground, and $100 blew away,  would you bend down and pick up the other $100?

She has also suggested, “If you had $200 and $100 blew away, why not hang onto the other $100?”


If we make an error in judgment or execution, the sooner we correct it the better.

Use a Stain Stick when trading is all I can say.

I also use it to assertively deal with annoying people and move on.


The quantity and quality of my posts, blogs, and videos speak for themselves.

Major turning points that are called ahead of time are long forgotten by the herd, and in the dog eat dog world of trading and life itself, it’s easy enough to take shots at others from the sidelines.

Use objective criteria, be an unemotional trader. Confidence, not the twin demons of fear or arrogance #EMWS (6/24/2013}

So be it.

If you get serious about learning my system, opportunity knocks.

One point is all it will take to test under the hood.

Contact for more information.

Time for me to relax a bit. I may have made an error in judgment that I can help people through my posts on twitter.

Where’s that stain stick…


Today’s hind sight:





Longs blinked late day in swiss cheese market.

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