Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Sunny Skies

The System

Markets were tame today, no real energy.

My interpretation was we were working off overbought conditions through time and price.

Best charts were selected as the 15 minute globex and the 5 rth   and 30 rth.

Nas seemed to prefer the 120.

The Rain line proved to be great support, as it often does the first time back to it.

Half gappers were rewarded with profits by EOD, but the gap proved to be illusory.


With so much information out there, scaling back for awhile now on posts and blogs while I enjoy some sunny skies and warm weather.

I will continue to do my own homework, as I believe to achieve longevity as a trader that is the minimal requirement.

I tested some of my equipment today, had a few minor glitches that were really annoying, but they will get resolved.


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Angels and Demons seemed to be paced in slow motion.

Kiss chart / ss (not posted) was the best for astute traders who flipped for the lunch contra.


Consistency and reliability are a must in our systems.

Sticking with the plan. Finding high odds reliable intraday patterns that occur often enough to be helpful and ignoring the noise on CNBC and elsewhere.


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