Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Devil made me do it

Head Fakes

Gloating is amateurish.

So is being unable to accept being wrong.


What are we buying with the hours of our life?


Unsolicited advice is the junk mail of life.” – Roy H. Williams

He said that in a memo titled “Why it’s Dangerous to give advice.


I never mean to offend people, but sometimes I do.


Thanks to some loyal comrades, our small team who day in and day out struggle with the challenges of our business.

11:26 Zeek S : ty E for all the great help. this room has to be the best kept secret in the entire trading community

Zeek is a former options maker, and he is a serious player.

1:12 Mike TY E, appreciate the guidance

1:41 JG E, appreciate all that you do.  top notch

These traders are as good if not better than me.

Kudos roomie Jason had it right 12:28 Jg 11 : 5hr and daily have room above, showing 65-6s if it wants it// #EMWS smart trailers out by 1666


Charlie fell for it hook, line and sinker.


Our premise was that yesterday’s washout low would bounce hard today, probably making a new high.

Target was 63.5 for me, and once 60 is broken, any day high.

Reading the tape is not easy… but a necessary component of being a good trader.

Being able to see both sides…and make decisions.. is what separates the winners from the losers.


mark of the devil 666 +1000 #EMWS …

The March of the lemmings has extended into May…

market has been making sharp move back… traps Charlie … then python move squeezes life out of him #EMWS $ES_F


A few selected posts from twitter…

@sai_india @SPMorningTrade @rlduffy lol size… 44 + years with this great woman, I am blessed #EMWS thanks for rt

@TRADEnPERFORM thanks… but secret in life is laugh even when we are not making $ #EMWS

@RenaTrader actually I prefer spreading the risk out over multiple trades… just need 1 or 2 a day #EMWS

RT @kloutt: @eminiwizard ur analysis is gettting old … / lol I am old so why not? #EMWS

@kloutt i say yesterday 49.25/46.75 targets… 45 holds overnight … i show u charts… and room knows we have targets 61 to 63 #EMWS

RT @eminiplayer: @eminiwizard only 1 trade today…Long from 53.75 #EMWS / smart trade as usual by a real pro wtg

@traderoffortune agree. when market is moving easier to get 4 to 5 points than it is to get 1 in last 2 hrs “avoid” sausage hours #EMWS

@TRADEnPERFORM if there are 2 to 3 decent trades a day thats a lot .. 1 Primary 2 Contra 3 Continuation/ chop or reversal #EMWS

@traderoffortune I want risk 2 to make at least 2 in high odds time and price zone then win with trailer. risk 2 to make 4 even better #EMWS


Charlie watch Nas

My bias is long. I think the Boyz will set a hook and yank Charlie.


That was my premise, not gloating.

We focus on Psychology AND Trade Logistics. My opinion for trade bias may be generated by that “thought”, but it is confirmed by objective criteria like math and the slope of the moving averages. Targets are generated by the secret code working in harmony with fluid dynamics.

The Retest failure of the 60 Pivot early in the day was only temporary in our opinion, and 52 was our support for the drive. Sixty was destined to get taken out when Charlie jumps in and holds during lunch, he is thinking he is going to miss the ride to 40 and below, perhaps even 1600! Smart traders who took the double top short, got something on the move, and accept their stop outs. Some will even reverse when they sense trade flow changing.

Squeezing the stubborns was simply the mechanism to make that new high late day.

We are now almost two hundred points higher than last year’s high, but who’s counting?



No yeeha’s, no mission accomplished posts.

Target achieved, sure, but never any amateurish “I got +4” or +14 or what ever.


Unsolicited advice from my dad: “Keep your mouth shut and let your Bat do the talking” – Pop

Talk about momo, could he whack a softball. One he hit is still rolling…


Lemmings who have been accumulating capital, whether bits and pieces or chunks at a time, may be in a better position to take advantage of a change in direction when it finally comes. Just an opinion mind you, not advice.










Thanks to all the pros who share.


Time for the new young turks to lead the way with their version of the truth of the markets.

It is time for me to step back a bit, and tonight’s post ends four years of a labor of love. Blogs are there for study, including charts and twitter posts. Recognizing that twitter posts would be lost in the quicksand of time, they were faithfully captured as well. It is my legacy, my gift back to the trading community. In tribute to those who have gone before me and helped me gain insights, I pass along some of my own perspectives for those who wish to study them.

I will still be available for those who want to learn how to trade and invest, contact me through

Look for affordable educational courses coming at MARKETwizardz.

If not, “u trade your plan I will trade mine” #EMWS

For those who appreciate my work, I thank you.

For those who don’t, I can understand how you might feel that way.

Peace, Love and best wishes to you anyways.

I know that Diamonds mean money for this art…
But that’s not the shape of my Heart…

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