Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The Morning After

Trading as a Business

Sometimes we need to out grow our limitations.

I am trying.


Technology is a wonderful tool when it works. It is a great slave, but a poor master.


Range trading advised, aggressive shorts try the 81 area for a scalp to test the 76.25 angel, but not expecting a big day south side. We need a pullback and one day soon we should get one. Til then, shorts are still being squeezed from the late December low, with a +100 point macho move.

The 75 zone held today, and MATD rules said give it a shot for a range trade bounce. When the market floated up with no rotation at lunch, we felt the shorts were vulnerable.


Multi view

Globex TV

RTH 15 support

Power structure


I asked new member Erik if he had any thoughts.

3:07 : Erik: why didn’t I join sooner?


What’s important is that he is here now, and hopefully will take his  time to learn. Too many traders washout because they treat this as a casino (it is), rather than a business.

While I focused on helping Erik today, I didn’t do much on twitter.

Turf wars… Brady bunch gets beat … #EMWS

Trend day plays out …


Want to get ahead of the crowd in your thinking?

I intended to give you a rare peek inside my head.

Way too much information.


Books are great, but nothing beats on the job training…

I had intended to show a video, but upon review, inadvertently it just gives away too many details of our system.

It is available to Emini wizard members for study in the member website.

When I get time I will try to edit it and sanitize it for public consumption.


There’s got to be  a MATD…


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