Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

The TA Burn

The System

Keep it.

Find one or two good trades, keep the profits.

They are hard to come by these days.


We had some laughs today about all the chat rooms springing up.

1:40 Dean Pek : at the same time I have to say it just goes to show what a great system you have and what a great teacher you are.

Easier to run a room than make money trading these days.


Moving to the sidelines, will work on promoting my educational material.

Courses that actually teach method and discipline, where students learn structure, timing, and various facets of risk management.

We can be anyone we want on Twitter… and most are.


@BamaTrader: WISDOM>RT @eminiwizard: find one good trade a day… hang onto profits … keep it simple #EMWS in an uptrend, buy support til doesnt work

Thanks to Bama and the few others who have supported my ideas… much appreciated.

Not sure when the punch bowl is removed,  but the larger picture says what is working now, buying pullbacks,… may not be forever.

Twenty and One twenty were.

NQ the same.

Forever is a long time.





Keep it simple… and use professional trade logistics when you are ready to become consistently profitable.

Many traders simply aren’t ready… too many indicators, conflicting ideas, chasing too many rainbows.

Focus and do one thing well before chasing ten opportunities…

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