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Think Thin

Chart Patterns

Wanting less is more.

We’d like to help you learn to help yourself…


Narrow range day plays out, much to the disappointment of  both sides today.

We felt the real dilemma for shorts was the obvious 91 support, falling into an up trending daily chart.

Month end also is not typically bearish, so we also decided think neutral today, a confined consolidation.


If you watch the videos I have been producing, you will get a better feel for our style of intraday trading and the types of criteria we look at. Not all of the key information is given, but certainly enough to help newer traders  see if our system makes sense for them.

Premarket Psychology

Gap play and News Bounce

Take Profits if took MATD short

PM Stall

EOD Wrap it up


I have had numerous requests for “a free trial”.  Truthfully, when I have tried that in the past I find myself with holding some key information and that hurts our members.

Hopefully the videos are a nice compromise.

Key chart and timing ideas can be seen in the videos.


Half gap, gap, retest breakdown; test support. test resistance, test support.

Small range, but nice rhythm.

And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson…


Slim pickens, but accumulate a little every day.


tradetime99 : @eminiwizard great video,really like the NQ part

Thanks Gene.


Bama Traderf: Chart: Shows the 1/23 – Present MC Well defined balance despite all the hoopla over past couple of sessions. $ES_F

Nice chart Bama.


Laugh about it,

shout about it

When you’ve got to choose

Ev’ry way you look at it, you lose…




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