Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Three Magic Words



I am wrong.


Can we say it? Can we do what needs to be done?


Charlie can’t, that’s why he washes out in short order.






Most likely, many times, if Charlie (us) did exactly the opposite of the way we are thinking, we would be better traders.


Pre market we alerted our traders that we thought we were approaching our primary target at 58.5.

I made it clear to roomies that it was just a hunch, but my intuition said the low may already in at 56.5.

Intuition can be powerful, but make sure we have enough “experience” to go along with a system of rules and disciplines to accompany the hairs on the back of our neck.


Rotations were suggested, and Zeek confirmed my thoughts: Half gap and gap trade.

Kudos Zeek.

The Primary resistance target was chosen at 64. This means we expect the longs need to take this area out, the shorts will try and defend it, and we may get a chop zone here as it gets resolved. Generally longs will be on trailers here, and may even decide to try a contra.

Sequence traders understand that often a plan that is developed pre market needs to be re-analyzed, based on the new information that has been made available.

Sling shot day was possible, and during lunch it sure looks like that’s what we got. Game plan intact, half gap and gap targets in play, and now  that 57 green line on the daily looking more and more like it did it’s job…


I am wrong…


This half time review, allows us to be honest with ourselves, and decide if…

  • we are being stubborn
  • the original plan still makes sense
  • what, if anything needs to be done
  • there are any swing or position opportunities


Allow losses to happen, but keep them small. Dont drag along the baggage of accumulated losses.

No one knows just how egregious the manipulation and the moves will be.

I am sure some traders are still hurting from the last trading day of 2012.

Remember my calls?

“Big Boyz love buying 82/85 zone.”

yada yada yada.

Look at the rotations we called that day, and understand the power of a system that most traders think are just “lucky guesses”.

The Emini wizard system incorporates day, swing, and position trade ideas.


7:08 E: Team E 15 in play …. #EMWS good morning

Divergence evident today, but stay focused.


Ditch losers, stick with winners.


Now here is a question, try though I may, I still cannot answer.

Day after day, traders see powerful examples of this system at work, yet they ignore it.

Why? The Emini wizard system is not just about the levels, but about probabilities, psychology, momentum, and most of all, results.


“I am wrong”.

Stepping out of our comfort zone and learning new ideas is how we grow.


My guess is most traders have a blind spot about some of our powerful methodologies…

…but I could be wrong.






The investment in our system is insignificant compared to what it costs not to know it and use it.

Self help only can do so much.

E: we wanted to be cautious under 58 .75 target… half gap and slingshot poss today Charlie loves shorting new lows, we dont #EMWS

To make the leap to be a professional, we need to think up side down.

Learn as much as we can, then cautiously play the game. When it seems traders are trapped, join the winning team.


E: its all about the pace and rotations … #EMWS

E: deeper charts a little helpful today … thought low was in pre market for half gap/gap bounce … #EMWS

E: RT @IOAMT: @eminiwizard . well said . eminiwizard / #EMWS thank u … try to help newbies a little when I can

Tex Trader : @eminiwizard You help more than newbies. I learn from you all the time and I might be older than you. #anotherGrandpa

Thanks Tex!




Join us when you decide to make your new year’s resolutions a reality…

“Take Reasonable Risks”


Never believe…

… its not so…

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