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Risk and Reward

Digest a big meal and try again.

That was our plan, although some  on the team wanted to pb a bit more early going.

Nervous Nellie here said I believe shorts harder than you think.

The 2 tic break, bounce, and squeeze was all it took to trap and squeeze Charlie yet again.

The quiet lunch trade broke out to test the 24.5, and risk reward traders hit the bounce for better luck than yesterday.

We thought test 20.5, 19.25, and 18.25 if the shorts had any game today on the pb into support.

Much different pace and style of trading today, as it clearly needed to take a breather after yesterday’s Grand slam.

Momo begets momo usually, and today’s MATD we thought would be AATD; better to squeeze into lunch/afternoon after more time digesting.


Challenging trade, assuming that risk was still the same and no belief we would get a bigger pop.

When traders are on the ropes yesterday, it is easier to ride the wave after a few minutes of taking heat.

Stop and Go trading requires more patience and more precision.

Traders using the I think we go another 25 points today idea had to take profits as trailers got hit this afternoon. Much better balance in my opinion.


I had a visit from one of my daughters, she needed a ride, and I missed the closing.

Exciting finish for the shorts.

Potential was there as posted in our room and videos.

Many missed it I am sure, since it was extremely late in the day.

Late longs got crushed today, as is often the way markets like to disrespectfully treat pigs.


Books closed on March, and PP 10.5 was hit late day.

Kudos if you took something out of the day either way.





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Dontliketoilets: @eminiwizard 1 tick short, off your game huh 😉 #EMWS

Not always right, but always trying to read the tape as best we can…

Ib Trading Video

Double Top

Regression Trade playing out


Just back from Dinner with family… 1507.25 hit .. retesting that 1506 pivot breakout.

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