Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

United We Stand

Trend Trading

Focus on what matters.


Forget the noise, the emotional reactions.

Stay disciplined, help the few who want to be helped.


These are trying days, and at best we can hope to guess some of the trades correctly by time and price.


Ignore the masses who want something for nothing; and there are a LOT of those, I get it.

Criticize, and all take no give.

No thank yous.

Pick our brains, then flit to someone else for free advice.

That is today’s society, and it is No Country for Old Men.


That is one reason I am gearing up for MARKETwizardz… it’s easier to find traders and investors with deep pockets who will gladly pay if they could find someone who knows how to make their money grow.


Posts today reflected our belief that yesterday was a DCB and we needed to retest the low after yesterday’s reaction day.

Only the truly committed got today’s move… the doubters wanted a fair shot at the bounce and were left standing at the altar in a chase trade the rest of the day.

We liked hit and run short side, peeling out and re entering with the flow of the umbrella move.

All targets were hit south side.


Often imitated, never duplicated.

Reality check now, standing tall with my loyal team.

United We Stand.


@BamaTrader :@eminiwizard If no response from 1568.50, 1572.25 will look very appetitzing. #EMWS

Great respect for traders who lay their reputation on the line ahead of the moves, day after day.

He does, along with a handful of other dependable traders.

Unsung heroes posted in early January.


Some very upset traders today on twitter, and what scares me is some of these are obviously bright people who have made consistently good posts.

No idea what set them off, but we all have those days.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt and time to cool off.


Roy explains it here. I bought the book when it came out, and think it explains a lot about our current environment.

I expect nothing from the government but more BS and wasted tax payer money.

Never disappointed that way, and collectively “we” elected Obie again and we get what we deserve.

Debt, smoke and mirrors, and a lower standard of living for generation to come.

My wife reminded me a lot of people are obviously upset with tax season.


Reading the tape as best as we can.

We love the regression trades…

Guess where it was at the end of day bounce?

“Use 52 resistance, entry near the Power Pivot.”










If our backs should ever be against the wall…

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