Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati


Stop Losses

Hold’er and Squeezer.

That’s what lovers do…

Successful traders do the same thing.


Today’s wedge broke the back of shorts who thought 1500 was all she wrote.

Yes, we are in nosebleed territory, and appallingly higher then any sane trader would like to admit.

Facts are facts; we said until the 1438 print low goes, the market can squeeze higher.

A few other sequence videos posted.

Moving beyond the twitter posts right now and trying to see if the videos can help show trade development a bit better than the charts.


Today’s context is simple to describe, hard to see until a bit of time plays out.

30 minute chart support premarket, and it never wavers.

When the primary battle for the IB swing is won by the longs late morning, the squeeze now becomes possible.

We had primary targets of 1402.75 on the breakout, and any day high available, but likely to be contained by our back end target for today of 1505.5.


Denial doen’t work.

Stops do, as does joining the winning team.


Be a lover of the market, not a fighter.


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