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We assumed today would be a digestion day, with a bias to float up to test, and break 58 before any significant pullback.

Matd bounce from the 52.5 angel 52.75 yesterday IB high test, with MM 53 pivot as the buy zone was our trade call. It incorporated the gap trade, and test of yesterday’s high.

Traders were advised to be flat for the news at Two, and look for the 60/62 zone as likely resistance targets to fade.

60 was a perfect measured move.

The sweeper move knocks out the aggressive shorts who have been squeezed all day, and in a pullback Charlie says now is my chance to get on board this train!


Well 52 will hold…


The RPG pattern swipes Pullback Charlie out along with the trapped longs, and the profit taking sequence floats into the close.

No real damage done other than to the middle traders who are wrong.


Charts we thought in play were the 15 rth and  30 globex.

Too far too fast, so sideways. Absorb and digest the big move.





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Trying to find those solid ideas for a few good trades a day…


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