Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Anatomy of a Reversal


Say Uncle.

If our trade doesn’t work out, drop it.


32 Resistance Both sides of overnight range can be taken out today.

Nothing has changed. Magnet 32, Hope to take out 24 low

We should get a bounce even if we make a new low. Moving averages are relative. Profit taking ahead of FOMC

T1 21.75 MATD get paid. Dont get sloppy. 18.25 low test, trailers for 18/19 test T2 is 17.5 Win with trailers past 21. 33.25 pivot point. Monitor ourselves for greed. Not buying yet, but take profits advised.Umbrella trade, lock ’em. Be prepared to miss some.

Goal line stand always toughest yards. Be unemotional Timing says if we want more south side need trailers or hit bounce. Within 2 points of low. 50 point week. Want 12 test, but happy at 22.Protect profits now. 19.95 idea and boom

Kim reminds us this is double bottom test on daily. Risk / reward is done.

Keep what we made. Dont give up ten to make 4

Be grateful. Neutral now, sidelines is ok. Dont need to be in the market all the time. No free pass for longs yet. Dont over trade. Tic divergence Squeeze pivots identified.

Gap at 56. Stay disciplined. Won’t stand in front of a freight train. Kings and Queens, any day high available. Use 2 minute chart.

Be disciplined, don’t damage our accounts. If get back to 46 doing well.

61 Target, reading the tape is important

Markets turn on a dime, most traders can’t; that’s why they lose.” -Jeff Cooper


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