Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Deer Charlie



Trading as a Business

Trading as a Business

Dear Charlie.

You averaged in and lost today big time, right?

Frozen in the headlights like a deer, you didn’t know what to do.

Just guessing, apologies if you got it right.


Time is on my side, but not yours.

The Anniversary Special ends soon. I am biased, but think its an outstanding opportunity.

I show about 80% of the tools we use in the videos I publish. The critical 20% makes all the difference: It’s like the wind for the sails or the keys to the Ferrari.


Price, Pattern, Timing, Psychology, Anticipating and Reacting are major themes for us.

Today’s videos continue to demonstrate the powerful insights taught every day.

Don’t try this at home, parental supervision advised.

Twenty two was nailed this week as support, and Sixty Two as resistance.


7:12  E: shorts need to think small before big. and today same as yesterday looking for evidence of stall none seen yet

Sequence trading offers tremendous opportunities for day, swing, and position trading. Most traders think it’s impossible to feel the rhythm and be so accurate, utilizing two point stops.


Pre market Review

End of IB


The game is on, and Retest 54/52 by EOD

Retest Overnight low, 37.5 support

Key Pivot now is 43

Snap possible

 Two Dynamics  in play

Oliver and me

Testing closing box

Boyz are relentless

47 Support

 Mission accomplished

 Wac a mole in Z pattern


Watch the videos, and witness the power of The Emini wizard System.

Too much time and trouble?


Do or do not,

It don’t matter to me…

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