Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati



Destiny by Karma.


Hard to believe, but this is a true story.

First, a big thank you to Malte @SE1_Trading for his unselfish promotion of myself and these other outstanding professionals who I believe are top notch.

It is an honor for me to be included with these traders.

RT @FuturesTrader71: @SE1_Trading Thank you as always #ff > Really appreciate what you, Fari @HamzeiAnalytics and E @eminiwizard are doing. //In gratitude!

RT @HamzeiAnalytics @SE1_Trading @FuturesTrader71 @eminiwizard Giving back to the community, in a meaningful way, creates tons of #KARMA

I add this classic: “The service we render others is the rent we pay for our room on earth” -Wilfred Grenfell


My stress level has been elevated the past few days.

About a month ago, my wife and I came upon three bicyclists lying in the middle of a busy road. We stopped to help, and did what any caring person would do: give a hand to someone in need. A nurse stopped and assisted, as other cars whizzed by.

It turned out one of them had a broken femur.  We now have a few new friends from Canada who appreciated our roadside efforts.


I am not a good cook. I was worried my skills would be immediately tested, but that is now on the back burner.


Yesterday my wife and I were roller blading. A van took a corner too close to her, and forced her off the road. Fortunately she was wearing a helmet and wrist guards, but she went flying and landed on her left arm.

I kept her still, but she was in obvious pain. Within two minutes a bicyclist and a nurse drove by and stopped to help. She called 911, checked my wife’s pulse and vital signs. Stacie was a miracle worker: she even talked her young son into giving up a few candies as sugar levels dropped.

Stacie and Dick, we thank you.


X-rays showed a break in the head of the Humorous.

Not funny at all.


When neighbors on the street and close friends heard the news, they made dinners for us that will keep my lack of culinary skills a secret for at least a week.

We were going out with those Canadian friends for dinner tomorrow, but we will have to take a rain check on it.

Working on my laundry and domestic skills right now, they are a bit rusty.


Before I forget, a chart. Which one may be in play right now?



I believe in it.

That’s why I quickly and easily dismiss those who ridicule our attempts to help one another.

We always have choices; I choose to find the good in people and focus on those kindred spirits all around us.

We will find them if we just take the time to look.


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