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Killer App
Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Focus on my words.

They are being said with respect.


Apathy is the killer app.

Stop losses keep us from getting burned when we are going in the wrong direction.

I shared this video from E TV on twitter today.

Making these videos helps me review my ideas, coach others, and share some of our techniques with traders from the broader community.

Lately I have noticed a lot of negativity on twitter, and I suppose I should be happy that only a few traders have taken pot shots at me.


Professionals can respect colleagues and the many different paths as well as the hard work that our business demands of each of us. More importantly, we can respect each other as people.

Disengage from the immaturity and emotional nonsense. Put the blinders on and focus on trading, studying, growing as an analyst.


Everyone is unique; that’s why we offer programs for all levels of ability.

Stay tuned for courses and workshops that will incredibly hone your skills as a trader.

We need to engage BOTH sides of our brain, not just the logical left side.


I can reach out a helping hand, but you have to reach back if you want to take advantage of my 20+ years of experience.

There are four major benchmarks that must be addressed as a trader if you are going to survive the learning curve.

Ignore them and perish, it’s that simple.


Friday’s videos were shared via youtube, go there if you want to review my work and thought process. Despite it being a demanding day, our flexible approach to trading allowed us to catch part of the swings in both directions.

1866.25 target achieved. Use 45 support EOD.


Today: 1848.25 to 1849.75 as resistance, use 32 for support.

For your convenience, today’s videos.

A reminder that the 20% of crucial details of our system are not shared on these videos.

The Open

News coming

React and think range

48.25 to 49.75 as Aggressive resistance

46 /47 Bounce Target

Occam’s Razor


These videos will now be available by subscription only.


According to Marketing genius Roy H Williams, Social media and the internet are today’s railroads. They are a delivery system for Content, which is KING.

The Emini wizard System: Quality education at an affordable value.

Looking for a few good men and women.



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