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Time and Love


Time for Love.

If we don’t make time for the important things in life, they will never enrich us.

“Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light”.#EMWS just do it
Material wealth is superficial and adds some pleasure to our existence, but beyond the “necessities”, it can be a poor master.

I went to see Interstellar with my family Friday, and it was thought provoking.

Movies that dig deeper into my Psyche are more compelling to me than those that merely entertain.

@HumboldtTrader this market separates the disciplined from the Dead #EMWS

Umbrella Trades, Descending Triangles, and sharp rallies that failed were the stories of the week.

What do you fear?

What do you Love?

We bring into our lives that upon which we focus.

Just do it.


After reading the tape for Team E the first hour, I took some time off to spend with family. Despite missing some nice moves in the market, it was time well spent.

I love working with traders, and enjoy the camaraderie. We can help ourselves best by helping others I think.

Law of unintended consequences: Sharing ideas with others makes us better traders #EMWS


Twitter posts that are labelled “E TV” are videos shot live and unedited. They give  a flavor of our thought process and recommended trade ideas. The Eminiwizard system is a blend of about eight different major premises that are considered to be reliable over an extended period of time. Nothing works 100% of the time, but it will give us an edge enough to make a difference.

Our goal is to help traders become self-reliant, to trust their own “intuition”.

E TV Premarket 11 test Range Open paid by news

E TV Cover 25, reverse risking some profits target 16/15 #EMWS $ES_F MATD wins #kiss

Dec 12, 2014 11:19 am Zeek S final target should be 1993 area / Team E is strong, even when I am not there #EMWS $ES_F “systems work”

A and D Multi charts 60 chart lower highs lower lows #EMWS $ES_F

we played 8 support for half gap and gap trade… git er done. Advised short 22/25 zone #EMWS $ES_F cover into 16

March #EMWS $ES_F wt4 hit 2010.75 60 chart in play a and d

E TV premarket 52 test 58 resistance #EMWS $ES_F

E TV Get Paid 36 risk/reward, 32 support target til broken Fat lady sings #EMWS $ES_F

E TV 42 pb carve something risk reward 37.5 target #EMWS $ES_F

Angels and demons #EMWS $ES_F the sacred geometry of chance …

H contract for tomorrow starting with 23.5 magnet #EMWS $ES_F we thought inside day and they used every inch of it

Fast up fast down emotional roller coaster days often can be associated with rollover. #EMWS $ES_F

suggested anyone with profits from long use 58 resistance and hit it 5/56 ahead of 57.25 gap risk reward idea #EMWS $ES_F

Dec 11, 2014 8:59 am E: i think shorts get squeezed today #EMWS $ES_F

Many other posts for review on twitter.


Love Transcends Time and Space; we are not just Dust in the Wind.

May we all enjoy Peace during the Holiday Season and into the New Year.

Thanks to all those who continue to share their gifts and talents unselfishly.

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