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Time for A Diet
Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

Keep it simple.

Skinny Turkeys survive another holiday. If someone is chasing you with a cleaver, don’t ask questions. Just run. Lose a few pounds, then maybe the butcher will think you’re too scrawny to even worry about.

Mission accomplished, target 2075.25 achieved.

It was done in typical egregious fashion, with trapped shorts squeezed into the close on Wednesday a day before Thanksgiving.

Many traders had already made their exit earlier in the day as we suggested.

We ran a few webinars  in the slow time, showing why and how 75.25 could be projected as our next logical resistance target to close out the month.

Our traders not only knew that target, but now know how to apply that methodology and have another tool in their toolbox.

Nov 25, 2014 9:27 am E: assuming at the open 72 to 75 agg resistance zone

“advised shorts cover into 63.75 our magnet #EMWS $ES_F still using 72/75 zone as resistance Trailers only for the 62 gap S1 63.25” – November 25, 11:16 a.m

I may add a few videos to this post when I can get to it.

Family first. Its Sunday evening. I did the spreadsheets earlier today and this was the first I have looked at my work since last Wednesday. I would like to think I am relaxed and refreshed, but truth be told, the revolving door of family ended about 30 minutes ago.

We picked out the Christmas tree today, made cookies with the kids, and played lots of games and watched movies.

Five grandchildren, kids, sisters, brothers and throw in a 93 year old “great grandma” as guests leaves me short of breath and partied out.

Til next time.


Overnight pull back testing 11/21’s afternoon low. It was easy for the manipulators to mark up the market in thin Holiday trading.


The big picture jumped out at me today when I looked at the charts and the math.

The .61 is the next biggie, possibly before year end.

Join our room for a month or two and get another view of the market.

Contact for more info.

The deeper your pockets, the more you will benefit.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, and taking it step by step, one day at a time.

Best to all.



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