Trading to win using the Secret Code of the Illuminati

Backwards Day Trade


Do it Backwards now.

Opportunity cost is the profits you lose by not knowing The Emini wizard System.

At least “32 winning trades” organized in your mind.

All you need is just one good trade a day, and you can play them over and over and over.

Would you like to be able to choose your action from what 85% of the traders don’t know? E calls his playbook “The criminal handbook”, and it will turn your game around.


“What’s in your wallet? “ (Would you like more?)

Read on and see how the “price of the system” has been removed as a barrier for you being mentored by E.


If you followed E’s commentary the past three weeks on twitter, you consistently saw Poetry in Motion. It takes hard work to make it look easy, but we all know it isn’t. He has given away priceless secrets for free, in an attempt to get your attention, while providing actionable signals to #EMWS members  who are learning and being mentored in real time as E continually reads the tape. They are allowed to follow along with his spreadsheets as he continually updates the data and evaluates “what is likely to happen next?”

A “chat” room is no longer available, but E has consented to running a short term live chat room if there is enough interest.

If you have followed E’s ideas for 6+ years, the real question becomes why haven’t you decided to learn from a system that obviously has surgical precision?
No vague generalities like “Buy the dips and sell the rips”. Really?

Rollover Day

June cover all by 2002  $ES_F and 2010 for March”

“trailers only under 62.5 #EMWS $ES_F will need another bounce soon”

“56.5 to 60.25 should be next key $ES_F #EMWS”

Paid for sure by 57 #EMWS $ES_F nice swing capture $ES_F can always re enter

53.5 is T2 today as support $ES_F goal line territory
The Emini wizard System is NOT just day trading as some would have you believe. By understanding Market structure, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place naturally. A “violation” in one direction signals a new Target that has become “triggered”. Abandon trades that don’t work and “tack” in another direction.

Like good sailors, experienced traders know the need to be flexible, based on shifts in the wind.

If you saw the Position calls over the years, there would be no doubt about the accuracy of this method.

“1831 is symmetry, cover all” in 2015 became the year low

Out of town at a funeral, E left these instructions for Team E: “1552.5 is support until broken”. Low of the day was 1552.75 intact

Until 1438 breaks, the shorts will get squeezed until the cows come home” intact

In 2015, ahead of the high “Big Resistance Target is 2134.25 to 2138.5” intact

Countless others abound, and many have been captured in the posts made daily in the original Eminiwizard site. Newer entries have been captured in the site.


Detractors say less trading is better than more, and more vehicles to trade is better than less.


Why would you rather re-invent the wheel? E has spent well over 23 years fine tuning core ideas, insights, and tools and they are all available to you.

Position, swing, and day trading ideas that are weaved together to create a plan of action every single day.


Backwards Day was a fun program E ran in addition to Crazy Hat Day. The kids had to wear clothes backwards and walk backwards to and from camp activities for the day.

Here is your chance to do it backwards.

Rather than E making you a course offering, feel free to shoot an email and describe how you would like to custom design a way to learn from him. Feel free to choose from some of the ideas below.

  1. What value is affordable for you? $200? $500? 1? $995? $50? E pays you $100 to listen to him?
  2. How do you learn best: Auditory, kinesthetic, visual, experiential?
  3. What time zone are you in?
  4. What is your primary vehicle to trade? Stocks? Options? Futures?
  5. SPECIFICALLY, how can E help you?
  6. Are you part time or full time as a trader? Commercial Player? Hedge Fund?
  7. How large an account do you have available as risk capital?
  8. How many contracts do you typically use?
  9. Every day is different, but normally how many trades do you find in a day?
  10. Would it be of interest to you to have a flexible schedule, where you can trade anytime convenient for you?
  11. How soon do you want to start benefitting from ideas in The Emini wizard System?
  12. Do you like to day, swing, or position trade?
  13. Do you want to be a home run hitter or go for the consistent singles and doubles?
  14. Are you sophisticated enough to manage multiple accounts, using day, swing, and position ideas when appropriate?
  15. How would you classify your experience in trading? Newbie, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert ?
  16. Would you rather have text, charts and video on demand, or live training?
  17. Would you like an app that can plot these ideas on NinjaTrader or TradeStation Charts?
  18. Do you prefer spreadsheets or charts to visually organize your decision making data?
  19. Do you have a commercial interest in partnering with The Emini wizard System? How?
  20. Would you like to know how to apply the system to NQ? Nifty Fifty? Currency? Options? TSX? DAX?

Time AND Money is the currency of the New Rich.

You can have both when you know how.

E will try and design an affordable valued, custom program that makes sense for both you and him if you are reasonable.

He takes the time every day to say “thank you” to anyone who likes, retweets, or comments about his posts, so you know he will listen to your needs.

“Stay humble” as E always says.

Please contact me now at with your ideas.



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