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Crazy Hat Day


We used to have Crazy Hat Day in a camp program I ran.

Changing hats from bullish to bearish is not easy.

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Reviewing a few important posts today.

Double bottoms come first. 95% of the time RTH was spent ranging between 1832 and 1804. Note how I adjusted xx column for seeing that xx proportion.

This was a symmetry trade as seen from this way to calculate it.

Last year at 1831 I posted cover all shorts. It was an important measure and idea from my work. xxxxxx

3 minute chart is usually too fast by the end of the day, migrate to deeper charts like the 5 RTH

AT idea: xxx

Note how the Master Pivots came into play today.

Reminder, umbrella trades usually produce slingshots when they end.


9:59 E all out by 1832 and using 38 stops for short $ES_F

1:10 E expected primary zone for lunch box


7:01 E in the blink of an eye 70 points off yesterdays high $ES_F trailers only for the stops on the 04

7:11 E go sidelines today if you get confused, especially weak hands $ES_F

2:34 E Usually only about three really good trades a day RTH $ES_F new traders in #EMWS see #aqueduct  trade clear


2:22 RT @E: Wt 3 is 1808.75 achieved both rth and globex $ES_F careful shorting too low need bounces for profit taking /angel test 9.25

2:28 E timing trade good fortune below 9.25 $ES_F 22 resistance remains until broken. Stay disciplined and win with trailers

2:37 E classic umbrella pattern. reminder, snap backs can come at any time near prior lows $ES_F stops down and yeeha 1804.5 to 02.5

2:38 E lol

2:47 E boyz trying to jam stops on shorts so relax $ES_F low for today may be in

2:49 E 32 either holds or it doesnt $ES_F needs to hold as resistance or uh-oh

3:10 E battle scarred and weary? done by 18 if short $ES_F


10:53 MATD says hit bounces but size of overnight range dictated 2 way play IB if flexible. Many times contra better play then try realign $ES_F

12:24 E My thought this morning: dont be a pig today. Hit and run a few times, Boyz will catch late shorts and expect rollover for range trade $ES_F

1:04 E two way day playing out as it should. last hr yesterday was a screamer, will be conservative as short $ES_F slingshots always possible


7:21 E we’ll get ferocious bounces today $ES_F

8:01 E Big two day range so two way day $ES_F leaving chips on table is inevitable today.

9:24 E like yesterday, slingshot trades are born out of these overemotional moves. Be wary and disciplined $ES_F

9:45 E: @ciscohitt  wtg will be wild today. avoid trouble and catch pieces if playing $ES_F 32 half gap as key resistance today


7:31 E: @flowtrader thank u… doubles (bottoms) usually come first so shorts need profit taking $ES_F 22 to 25 agg resistance

(First key range is identified)

7:44 E 99.5 is a potential target today so using that as support for now $ES_F

3:15 E big boy boxes worked well today $ES_F willing to miss good trade now, heading to the pool

4:44 E 9:59 RT @E : all out by 1832 and using 38 stops for short $ES_F / 38 key intact for now 2 slingshot trades 2day


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