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“Eminiwizard, what do you offer for trading eminis?” I was recently asked.

Great question, as there are a bewildering array of choices today for those who want to learn how to trade.


22+ years ago I took an interest in trading futures and became fascinated with “the markets”. That was after a career in teaching and coaching, and during the midst of my experience in real estate, which I continue to do.

I have studied many “gurus” online, through books, seminars, courses.

They were all helpful, expensive, and necessary.

The real breakthroughs come, I have found, from putting our butt in the chair and watching the markets with 90% focused attention.

It’s time consuming, often frustrating, and a solitary endeavor.

I have a number of favorite books in my library, and the Market Wizards books by Jack D. Schwager you can imagine are a few of them.


I have run chat rooms, seminars, and offered courses over the past 6+ years. After burying a few friends this past year, I have more clearly recognized that time has become an important ally of mine. I need to be more efficient in teaching my system, allowing me to continue helping others while allowing myself more freedom in my personal schedule.

For the past 13 or so years, I have worked closely with Zeek, a former options maker on the floor. We have never met personally. He has 35+ years experience in the market, and his wife is a member of the hedge fund community. He has told me the Emini wizard System is the best he has ever seen.

That is being said with all humility, and I am most grateful and appreciative of his feedback.


“I want to talk with you” was a direct message I received last week. Sure, here’s my number.

My cell phone rang at the end of the market, and sure enough, he called.

I was humbled.

Now I am not going to say who it was, but he was one of the first traders that I had read about in Market Wizards, a really big player.

Can you imagine being a quarterback and having Peyton Manning calling you “to chat?”

We talked markets, about education, and about teamwork.

While no concrete plans were determined, the experience did several things for me. First, it was a real confidence booster. Someone of his stature noticed me and validated the importance of my work. While I believe in the system , it’s always nice to have peers  entertain your thoughts and ideas.

Second, and most important, he shared insights about himself, and using a sports analogy that many of us coaches have used over the years, he confirmed that “he was human and we all put on our pants the same way, one leg at a time.” My premise that we all can find our own unique talents if we stay disciplined, passionate, and focused remains true.


Life is a ladder, I believe, and we reach up to those above us to help pull us higher, while we extend a hand to help lift those below us.


The Emini wizard System is available for those who want to gain insights I have learned and save themselves my 22+years of time to accumulate that knowledge first hand.

“If you think Education is expensive, try ignorance.”- Derek Bok

Tons of information has been shared in the original Eminiwizard site. More recently, the Martketwizardz site has showcased free videos, charts, commentary.

For those interested in taking it to another level, see our offerings, including currently a Super Bowl Special.


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