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Kneel Slave

Sale Of Slaves

Kneel before standing.

Perspiration comes before Inspiration, I can confidently say that after 23 years analyzing real estate and stock markets.

I continue to be a humble student, as there is no more certain path to financial ruin than betting big on intuition and letting markets run against us.

There are many professional traders who offer their services, it’s overwhelming to decide who to learn from. Most newbies probably are so undercapitalized they forgo formal training and choose to pick up snippets of information posted daily on twitter. A reminder I continue to assemble my thoughts with charts and post them daily for your convenient review. Trying to trade by consensus is a fool’s game. We may glimpse pieces of the puzzle, but it’s hard to see the big picture.

I freely admit I don’t have all the answers, and I assume none of us do.

The paradox is that if we are a slave to the techniques of the guru’s of the past, we may not be aware of their blind spot.

Times change, and we must adapt or die.

We stand on the shoulders of the Giants, rub elbows with them, and build our own systems that reflect our needs, risk tolerance, understanding of how markets are behaving now and in the near future.

I am currently sharing my unique insights to a group of traders through a course called the Navigator Special. No hype, just solid detailed observations and commentary sharing my thoughts on where and why the market is likely to trade today and in the next few days. The focus is on seeing how we can consistently take profits out of the market with minimal risk.

It takes time to understand and assimilate these ideas, and even more to apply them and execute trades under pressure.

One of the most satisfying experiences we can have is to get so focused and immersed in our own work that we can finally stand on our own. Training wheels off the bike, and a sense of exhilaration and independence.

My goal is to find and train traders to stand on my shoulders, and see beyond my limitations; to help you become better at what we do.

If we continue to kneel, we will always be a slave.

If you’re up to the challenge, please consider becoming an Eagle.

Together, we can soar.

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